Lawyers' Fees

A good lawyer saves money, even though instructing a lawyer incurs fees from the start. The German Lawyers' Fees Act [Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz RVG] regulates the level of the fees which may not be undercut. Accordingly, fees are calculated in line with the amounts involved in the case and the amount legal activity required. It is frequently impossible to foresee either of these factors at the outset of a legal dispute. 

As our client you determine the scope of legal advice yourself and may choose between various fee models: 

According to the German Lawyers' Fees Act

We agree fees according to the statutory requirements.

According to time spent

We agree remuneration according to time spent. In this way you are only invoiced for the actual expenditure incurred. You receive an itemised breakdown of the time which you can check. 

Flat-rate fee

We agree at the outset of a legal action on a flat-rate charge for specific legal activities, for out-of-court collection for example. 

Consultancy contract

We are available at any time for specific legal activities in return for a monthly flat-rate charge or hourly rate for time actually spent, for example for any legal queries which may arise for you or your site manager, legal reminder letters, application for default summonses. 

Contingency fee

Under certain conditions it is possible to agree a contingency fee in accordance with Section 4a of the German Lawyers’ Fees Act. We will be happy to advise you. 


Please ask us. We will conclude fee agreements with you that match your interests, because it’s your money at stake. 

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